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Registered Under The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies
(Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961)
Suit-84, Habib Chambers,
Block 14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,
Karachi, Pakitstan
(+92-21) 38572275-76
(+92-21) 32053046
CELL No. (+92-21) 0333-3132128, 0321-3478492,
EM@IL: peace.council.for.human.rights@gmail.com

Aims and Objectives:
• To endeavor for the promotion and propagation of custom values, culture, Humanity and Traditions.
• To establish the health care centers for poor and needy peoples and help them through dispensaries, hospitals and provide medicines free of cost or lowest charges to families.
• To establish Education Institutions for poor students on nominal charges and help them who deserved.
• To arrange, provide, procure, Establish in whatever possible manner medical help treatment, facilities equipment and medicines to the people suffering any disease ailment deficiency or Physical disability.
• To provide emergency welfare for uncertainty events.
• To establish computer training Center / Languages Institutes, Industrial Home and Libraries etc. for men women and children.
• Provide Mortuary facilities in different remote areas.
• To provide Land to homeless families on nominee charges.
• To Edu.
• Environmental pollution protection safety programs.
• Innocent prisoners relief activities
Board of Governor
Umair Ahmad Arain
Capt Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan
Ansar Hussain Khan
Shayyan aziz-ur-Rehman khan
Shasta Khan
Hafeez-ur-Rehman Khan
General Body
Dr.Musarat Jabeen Khan
(General Secretary)
Side Shah Arif Husain
(Joint Secretary)
Side Shah Aim Husain
(Information Secretary)
Syed Shah Hashim Hussain
(Finance Secretary)
Legal Status:
Registered Under The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies
(Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961)
National Tax No.: FBR Tax Exemption
Audited by: Salah-Ud-Din & Co
Coverage: Urban & Rural
Address: Suit-84, Habib Chambers,Block 14,
Karachi, Pakitstan
Contact: (+92-21) 38572275-76
(+92-21) 32053046
History of Peace Council for Human Rights
Peace Council for Human Rights was Established in 1995 & Registered with Government of Sind. Peace Council for Human Rights (PCHR) is also registered with FBR (holding NTN and Tex Exemption Certificate). We are also audited by Salah-Ud-Din & Co (chartered Accountants).
Peace Council for Human Rights (PCHR) is providing legal assistance to the needy people since 1995. Now Peace Council for Human Rights is focusing on poverty & unemployment and above all rights of children & women detained in different jails of Pakistan. Mr. Amin-ur-Rehman (Founder & President of Peace Council for Human Rights ) is the architecture of this innovative program which was started first time in Pakistan in year 1995.
Peace Council for Human Rights is a non political, nongovernmental and non profitable organization, which helps the poor and needy people of society without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex and color.
Peace Council for Human Rights has started fighting against Unemployment and Poverty, because unemployment is the root cause of poverty and all crimes. Unemployed persons get frustrated with their life which leads them to choose the short cut for earning easy money. Not only earn easy money they also commit different crimes and suicide as well. So after analyzing these aspects (PCHR) decided to make focus the project in order to minimize the unemployment and poverty.
Peace Council for Human Rights is aiming to make people as self-made, and to build their confidence, to provide them financial assistance, and technical skills enabling them to seek better job opportunities, arranging for jobs and providing trainings through seminars & workshops etc.
Raise awareness to the people for their rights.
Provide opportunities for a better shelter to the society where everyone feels secure & safe.
Support to the less privileged people.
Break the KASHKOL forever and to provide access to earn their bread and butter with respect in order to meet their needs
We started our NGO basis against injustice, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, child abuse, poverty, detained in remote areas of Pakistan, drug addiction, cruelty to women and other more subtle forms of basic human and civil rights violations and providing free medical assistance, free education, without any discrimination or affiliation by reaching the masses. Our main focused project is unemployment, health, education and poverty.
Our philosophy is to provide education to young people and to make them stronger who could accept all challenges, so that they could participate in a better way for developing the country, to take productive part and initiatives in order to improve their livelihoods for a sustainable future.
PCHR wants “To identify needy people, for the purpose of help and to provide a better environment and opportunities to seek a better job & to empower them with technical skill and to arrange soft loans through Micro-Financing Bank & Small Donations for the well-being of the entire society.
Our Primary Goals:
Unemployment is defined as, when people do not have a job, and is currently available for work is the priority of PCHR. Also, people who were temporarily laid off and are waiting to be called back to their job are also termed as unemployed.
Unemployment occurs when a person is available; willing to work but currently is without work. Unemployment is a major problem for any under developing country. It is the situation where the country is not making full use of its resources. Unemployment is one of the major problems of Pakistan. The level of unemployment is constantly moving up. There are a number of causes of unemployment in Pakistan. The most important of these causes is a nonstop increasing population growth rate.
Unemployment is classified into three categories.
• Frictional unemployment (workers who are simply moving between jobs)
• Structural unemployment (workers who are in regions or industries that are in persistent slump)
• Cyclical unemployment (workers who lay off when the overall economy suffers a downturn.
In Pakistan unemployment is of structural and cyclical nature.
Major Causes of Unemployment
Employment in the private sector is absolutely stopped because of the fact that investors shifted their capital to other countries on account of nationalization of industrial units which badly affected the investment of industrial sector.
The existing opportunities are not at all sufficient to meet the demand of employment, more over the prevailing system to provide jobs is highly influenced by the indulgence of the available management of the industry who, by every means try to induct their own influenced people in the jobs, if created which results in to deprivation job opportunities for the people from outside of the industry.
Reasons for Growing Unemployment in Pakistan
Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan. A person who has ability as well as willingness to work, but is unable to get job. In the current situation more than 30 lacs people are unemployed, the ratio of such persons is more than 12%.
1. The biggest reason of unemployment in Pakistan is concerned with the backwardness of agriculture sector. Agriculture is the biggest sector of our economy that contributes 20.9% to GDP and 44% people get jobs from this sector directly or indirectly. Unemployment in this sector is from two sides.
2. Industrial sector is the second largest sector of our economy and contributes 19% to national income. This sector should employ a large number of labors. But due to backwardness it is employing a small number of people. Due to electricity breakdown the already established industry is deteriorating, resulting in to the prevailing increase into unemployment ratio.
3. Millions of people in Pakistan are poor. Due to poverty they are overburdened with expenditures that are why their savings are very low. It is to be noted that for the reasonable growth of economy saving rate should be at least 25% in any country, but in Pakistan it is only 13% to 14% which is very low. Low investment level is due to fewer saving, ultimately there is unemployment.
4. In Pakistan majority of the businessman are less educated. They do not know how to run their businesses properly, resultantly they become bankrupt. This factor generates unemployment on a massive level.
5. Current international financial crisis is one of the biggest reasons of unemployment in Pakistan as well as in the whole world.
6. Pakistan’s population growth rate is 1.8% which is the highest in the region. Our resources are limited. Different sectors of economy are unable to provide jobs to the growing population. This factor also adds into unemployment.
Unemployment is the central problem of Pakistan because when unemployment is high, resources are wasted and people’s income is depressed; during such periods, economics distress also spills over to affect people’s emotions and family lives. The socio economics system of Pakistan and institutions has failed to provide sufficient employment to the increasing labor force. Labor force include all persons who are of ten years and above , and during the period are without work, and are currently available for work and seeking for jobs. About 2.4 million persons of labor force were estimated as unemployed in 1999, as construction and transport sectors have an absorbed 11.2%, 6.8% and 5.7% as compared to 10.5%, 7.2% and 5.0% respectively in 1994-1995.The higher growth rate of population is the major cause of unemployment in Pakistan. The resources of the country are limited because population has exceeded the optimum level.
Deeply linked to the massive debt and the poorly educated people, is the large portion of Pakistan’s population that lives in poverty. With an average of 2,000 dollars of GDP per person (adjusted for purchasing power parity), the average citizen is forced to live in very limited resources. This is reflected in the fact that 34% of the population lives below the poverty line, despite a mere 7% unemployment. Pakistan’s lack of fiscal resources is yet another barrier against foreign investment. Without foreign investment, Pakistan lacks the resources to bring about positive economic development.
Causes of Unemployment
Unemployment is caused by many factors in a modern market economy. It can be caused by rapid technological change, business cycle or recessions, seasonal factors in some industries particularly such as changes in tastes and climatic conditions which affects demand for certain new products and services, individual perceptions and willingness to work and search for jobs, their values and attitudes towards some jobs and about employers, accessibility for retraining and acquisition of work skills, willingness and perception of unemployed of the benefits of training and the possibility for them to get a job after the training even though they have a chance to get a job, discrimination in the workplace based on race, color.
Our Secondary Goals:
1. Free Education
2. Medical Assistance
3. Human Rights
4. Women Welfare
5. Drug Addiction
6. Child Labor
7. Detained in Jails
8. Police Excesses
9. Special Childs & Disable People
Helping hand trust is dedicated to achieve its goal as the organization’s schedule for development and prosperity of the country as well as reducing the poverty line of the country. Trust Program is addressing its current goals with the help of several personalities of Pakistan.
Our basic motto to enhance the role of civil society in safeguarding of country it has a critical role to play in directly contributing to the safeguarding of the environment. Increases in knowledge and capabilities have empowered to be strategic partner in achieving global environmental benefits.
The work scope of the program is described below. Our trust is working in different segments to carry out its activities and accomplishing innumerate assignments.
Done assistant, Research assessment, Knowledge management, Design organizational change, Design organization development, Train the new jobless guys, Training and development, Skilled development, Health care, Survey mobiles, Transcription and composing in English & Pakistani languages, Computer literacy program, Skilled development, Mobile repairing, Computer repairing, Computer literacy, Stitching, Photo graphics, Art and craft. We planned to work on online registration, which is needful in depth.
On-Line Registration:
With online registrations assignment can be done easily, proper figure will be available as compare to manual registration. Establish effective and formal linkages between the Network and trust. Evaluation Office to contribute to the evaluation of projects distills best practices and makes the evaluation process more transparent and accountable to public.
Immediately established interest or problem
Minimum human capital
Unemployment solution
Reduction of time
Establish consultative dialogue among nation
Develop the robust outreach program on the global environment to civil society.
Peace Council for Human Rights spread employment according to qualification and skills; we provide the job for every jobless person.
PCHR is commencing efforts for reducing unemployment rate from our society. Unemployment directly relates to the poverty, it is also a major cause of dangerously increasing rate of crimes in our society. The youth of Pakistan is spoiling their lives, became desperate with their financial situations, eventually either give their lives in the hand of criminal minds or commit suicides.
PCHR was founded, mainly to assist the youth in getting the right compensation of their efforts and to support them in maintaining their confidence level.
PCHR conducted many workshops for its registered unemployed persons to polish their personalities and to give them confidence to grow in their professional careers. This is a continuous process. PCHR trained them for interviews and other day to day matters, some of them are mentioned below:
How to prepare professional Curriculum Vita.
Make attitude as a complete professional.
• Body language
• Communication
• Dress up
• Presentation
Describe about the particular job
In some cases we also invite employers to visit our office (PCHR) and participate in workshops explaining about the skills required for potential vacancies available with them.
Skill Development Program
Pakistan is gradually becoming economically failure estate day by day. There are so many factors behind to put our country in this dilemma. Due to worst financial conditions and rapid increase in inflation, it is almost impossible for a person to enhance his/her skills according to the change management.
By keeping in view the above scenario, PCHR offers free skill development programs for its registered persons. It provides an edge to these people and also increases their confidence by building their personalities according to the current professional requirement.
The courses offered by PCHR under its free skill development program are as under.
a) English language Course
b) IT Orientation Course
c) Business communication Course
(a) English Language Course
Learning English is never important before as these days to survive in any professional environment. English speaking ability is compulsory for everyone to get a better job, as almost all correspondence of every company is performed in English. PCHR has designed a course for those who are not confident in speaking and writing English. It helps them to make their future prospects much brighter.
(b) Free IT Orientation Course
Now days, Information Technology has turned out to be the back bone for every industry in the world. In today’s era everyone must be aware at least the basics of using computer. In the absence of IT (Information Technology) skills, one might fail to get a decent job. Due to the high costs in Professional IT institutes, many people can’t able to learn IT Skills. In the line of above and to overcome this problem, PCHR designed a free IT orientated course for people to make them familiar at least with the basics.
(c) Free Business Communication Course
This course is specially designed for unemployed people to help them to learn the business behavior and build some communication skills which are essential in any professional environment.
In Pakistan, the unemployment rate varies according to sex, indicating that unemployed females’ number is higher than their counterparts. In the same manner the poor suffered higher level of unemployment. Unemployment rates vary according to age groups and level of education. In Pakistan estimated unemployment rate in 2010 is 15.4% which is 1% higher than 2009. It should be noted that a substantial underemployment also exists. Unemployment in youth is approx. 7.73% out of which 6.98% is male and 10.5% is female.
Unemployment differs also according to region: in rural areas, it is higher and in urban areas it is comparatively low. Unfortunately in Pakistan, incredible talents and skills among the youth are often wasted for lack of the needed incubators to nurture and grow them.
Gainful employment has become matter of serious concern all over the world. Combating unemployment is connected with economic growth. Regardless of the debate over the actual level and reasons for unemployment, there is a consensus that unemployment in Pakistan has become major handicap with possible grave social and economic consequences.
There are many organizations which are working on different areas and dimensions but there is not even a single organization working to eradicate unemployment from Pakistan or to assist victims of terrorism families to get back on their feet or live a normal life after facing huge tragedies in their life.
At the same time we also want to reach out to those families and people who have been directly or indirectly affected by terrorism acts and can’t live a normal life. We intend to provide opportunities for skilled training in different areas, education and respectable financial support until such victims or their dependents can get back on their feet and become self-reliant. Families who are affected by terrorism, PCHR will train one individual and deploy him/her to local and international market that will give benefit to the whole family.
There is a huge need of NGOs to begin to play key roles in identifying job creation opportunities for the youth to meet modern challenges.
Any serious approach to capacity building especially one addressing youth unemployment must look at the broader picture and the inter-related synergies at the micro-level. Employment generation at the ground level has been shrinking in terms of the net worth; growing unrest in younger generation is leading to violence and crime.
With this background PCHR has emerged on the horizon of social service whose purpose is the reintegration of the unemployed into the labor market private and public sector. PCHR will serve as a bridge between the unemployed and the employer organization, providing its services free of cost to both stakeholders. Our core mission will be to train the people as well as provide jobs to them.
Several platforms are available for providing training on governmental and non-governmental level but no such organization is channelizing or streamlining employment opportunities for those trained people. Thousands of people who have attained training or certification cannot be absorbed in their relative fields.
PCHR has conducted a market research to gain information of technical human resource requirement in different manufacturing and production organizations like automobiles, spare parts industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing units, tanneries, garments and hosiery industry and many such units which need trained and skilled manpower.
The dearth of skills in the employment industry is also driven by the absence of a dynamic training and research-training system. Such a system is essential, particularly in a period of rapid transformation in the economic structure. There are many NGOs which are working for training of the people but PCHR is the only organization which will provide training along with the surety of jobs.
Based on the market survey, we conclude that trained workers are required for the following job categories.
Construction Sector
Mason (Block, tiles, plaster)
Steel Fitter
Scuff Folder
Duct Fitter
Shuttering carpenter
Welding Technician (SMAW, TIG, MIG, 3G, 6G)
Textile Sector
CAD /CAM Technology (Computer Textile Designing)
Computer Graphics (Print media)
Textile Printing and Treatment
Engineering Sector
Generator Technician
UPS Technician
Auto Mechanic
Diesel Mechanic
CNG Technician
A/C and Ref. Electrician
Computer/ mobile Technician
Motorcycle Mechanic
General sector
Sales Promotion Officer
Janitorial Service
Security Guard with Customer Oriented Services
Administration Staff
Office Assistant
Waiters (Real time training)
Front Desk Officer
The chief of PCHR, Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi has yet given another revolutionary vision in order to minimize/eradicate the threat of unemployment presently being faced by the youth of our society through introducing job bank program. Under this scheme CVs of jobless youth are invited through their collection for searching jobs for educated /uneducated jobless persons in their relative fields free of charges.
As stated by the chief of the PCHR we are striving hard in order to minimize the threat of unemployment which will ultimately help reducing poverty from the society and will be positively resultant to give a new dimension of self reliance/confidence in our youth in order to put the society as well as the country on the path of welfare/glory.
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